New Start in the Much Diminished Blogosphere

It been a while since I blogged. Six years I guess, then it was on a collaborative venture with Ann, from Des Moines, Iowa, USA and Mohamed from Cairo, Egypt. <;

I attemped to destroy the Blog of Blogs in a fit of terror, but, to my regret only succeeded in destroying all the images before I relented.

It persisted for several years as a ghost blog. No one including myself could alter it in any way.

It is now gone but traces remain on the interweb like flotsom on the tide after a shipwreck.

Socail networking, especailly Facebook took over the energy and time I used to put into blogging and the social aspect of the blogosphere was less important to me when FB came along.

I am still friends with and connected to Ann and Mohamed on the Facebook machine but this time, I will blog alone.


So what inspired me? Well, I’ve made some good new friends since I quit blogging and some say I should blog.

One of these, Claire is a wonderful writer herself;(

A recent post by herself that I read this morning was the final catalyst.  It made me smile, nod my head and well up with tears all in the space of a five minute read.

I am a passionate person and a proper smart alec to boot. I don’t expect to make people cry, except possibly with rage, but if I can bring a smile to a face or two or make someone think a bit, then this blog will be worth my while.

So that’s it. It’s 8.46am on 19th June 2017, the weather in Wexford is terrible hot altogether and my bestie, my dog is due his morning walk and I better get moving before it gets too damm hot for the wee doggy.

Signing off,